How to get involved

There are many ways to get involved, depending on the time that you have available. For example;

You can inform us of any businesses within Eastleigh Borough that you know are selling or serving Fairtrade marked goods or of any local workplaces that you know are using Fairtrade goods. Please contact us via the email address or telephone number below.

You can become a network member and be kept informed of news and events.

For a small charge, you can become a group member and have a say in the election of the steering committee and how the campaign is run. We ask that you pay a one off fee of £5 for an individual, £10 for a family or £15 if you would like your organisation to join.

You can also help with administration tasks such as maintaining this website or our databases, preparing newsletters, contacting or monitoring retailers or helping out at 'Fairtrade in Eastleigh Borough' events.

You can even become a member of the Committee - we would warmly welcome those with enthusiasm, ideas and commitment.