The following list represents many of the products sold by this company, however it may not be accurate at this time. It also does not accurately reflect the products stocked at any one store. Please contact the supplier before making a journey in search of a particular product.

Tea & Herbal Tea
sort descending
Tesco Fairtrade 80 Tea Bags 250g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade 160 Tea bags 500g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade 240 Teabags 750g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade 80 Tea bags 250g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade Leaf Tea 250g
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Tesco Fairtrade Bananas Pack
Tesco Fairtrade Loose Plums
Tesco Fairtrade Orange Pack
Tesco Fairtrade Organic Bananas
Tesco Fairtrade Pineapple
Nuts & Nut oil
sort descending
Tesco Fairtrade Brazil Nuts 150g
Tesco Fairtrade Peanuts & Raisin 150g
Tesco Fairtrade Peanuts & Raisin 200g
sort descending
Tesco Fairtrade Colombian Roast 227g
Tesco Fairtrade Decaff Roast & ground Coffee 227g
Tesco Fairtrade Freeze Dried Coffee 100g
Tesco Fairtrade Freeze Dried Decaf Coffee 100g
Tesco Fairtrade Medium Roast Coffee 227g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade Expresso Roast Coffee 227g
sort descending
Tesco Fairtrade Flowers
Juice & Soft Drinks
sort descending
Tesco Fairtrade Orange Juice 1 litre
Hot Chocolate
sort descending
Tesco Fairtrade Organic Hot Chocolate 400g
sort descending
Tesco Finest Fairtrade 70% Dominican Plain Chocolate Ginger 100g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade Organic 39% Ecuador Milk Chocolate 100g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade Organic 70% Dominican Chocolate 100g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade Organic 85% Ecuador Plain Chocolate 100g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade Organic Ecuador 39% Milk Chocolate Almond 100g
Tesco Finest Fairtrade Organic Egg
Tesco Finest Fairtrade Organic White Chocolate Dominican Republic 100g
Jams & Spreads
sort descending
Tesco Organic Fairtrade hazelnut spread 400g
Tesco Organic Fairtrade thin cut orange marmalade 340g
sort descending
Tesco Reserve Fairtrade Chardonnay 75cl
Tesco Reserve Fairtrade Malbec 75cl