The following list represents many of the products sold by this company, however it may not be accurate at this time. It also does not accurately reflect the products stocked at any one store. Please contact the supplier before making a journey in search of a particular product.

Infinity Chocolate-Coated Banana Coins
Infinity Chocolate-Coated Brazil Nuts
Infinity Chocolate-Coated Cashew Nuts
Infinity Chocolate-Coated Deglet Nour Dates
Infinity Organic Milk Chocolate Buttons
Infinity Organic White Chocolate Buttons
Dried Fruit
Infinity Dried Mango Slices
Infinity Foods Organic Dates
Infinity Foods Organic Dried Banana
Nuts & Nut oil
Infinity Foods Brazil Nuts
Infinity Foods Sesame Seeds
Infinity Foods Whole Cashews
Infinity Foods Whole Nut Mix
Infinity Foods Fairtrade Red Quinoa Grain
Infinity Foods Organic Quinoa Flakes
Infinity Foods Organics Chimborazo
Infinity Foods Brown Basmati Rice
Infinity Foods Thai Jasmine Rice
Infinity Foods White Basmati Rice