The following list represents many of the products sold by this company, however it may not be accurate at this time. It also does not accurately reflect the products stocked at any one store. Please contact the supplier before making a journey in search of a particular product.

Divine 70% Chocolate Dark Advent Calendar
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate Six of each
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Hearts
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Six Pieces
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries
Divine Brazil Nut Divine Delights
Divine Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mints
Divine Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Divine Dark Chocolate With Mint Crisp
Divine Darkly Plain Chocolate
Divine Dried Apricot Pieces Covered In Dark Divine Chocolate
Divine Dubble Easter Egg and Dubble Bar
Divine Dubble Speckled Eggs
Divine Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate
Divine hand finished dark, milk & white chocolate selection
Divine hand finished milk chocolate champagne truffles
Divine hand finished white chocolate strawberry truffles
Divine Handmade Belgian Chocolates
Divine Heavenly Milk Chocolate Advent Calender
Divine Heavenly Milk Chocolate Coffee Bar
Divine Heavenly Milk Chocolate Eggs
Divine Heavenly Milk Chocolate Gold Coins
Divine Heavenly Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar
Divine Heavenly Milk Chocolate Orange
Divine Heavenly White Chocolate
Divine Mango Divine Delights
Divine Milk Chocolate
Divine Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Hand Finished Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffles
Divine Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs with Mini Eggs
Divine Milk Chocolate Hearts
Divine Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs
Divine Milk Chocolate Mini Red Noses
Divine Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch
Divine Milk Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate 45g Bar multi-pack
Divine White Chocolate With Strawberries
Divine Fairtrade Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
Divine Fairtrade Mini Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cakes & Brownies
Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Brownie
Divine Fairtrade Double Chocolate Chip Muffin
Divine Fairtrade Double Chocolate Mini Muffin
Divine Fairtrade Mini Chocolate Brownie
Divine Cocoa Powder
Hot Chocolate
Divine Drinking Chocolate